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By | May 21, 2021

TRCN Past Questions Paper and Answers | How to Obtain Teachers Registration Council of Nigeria Past Questions Paper and Answers.


This article is focused on the TRCN Past Questions and Answers, and because we all know that it is really helpful to have a clue about how the previous questions look, that is why we took the time to update the TRCN Past Questions and Answers to help you better understand what to concentrate on.

Why Do I Need TRCN Past Questions?

Often at times, many teachers think that because they are teachers, they know everything, but that is called self-deceiving now is an island once in a while you need additional knowledge to carry you through to achieve the great things of life, for the fact that knowledge has limits, that is the reason why you need the.

Below is the sample of the Teachers Registration Council of Nigeria Past Questions and answers, but don’t misunderstand me when we say the samples it means the scope of how the Teachers Registration Council of Nigeria Past Questions looks like.

Samples Of  TRCN Examination Past Questions (Free Download)

This material contains everything you need to confidently prepare for TRCN examination, however, if you want to have knowledge of what you will likely expect in the professional exams. We have compiled some free download questions and answers below, take your time and study them.

1. Early childhood education as practiced today, began with?

a. Wole Soyinka
b. Tai Solarin
c. Florence Nightingale
d. Dr. Maria Montessori

2. Vertical Sub-System of Curriculum is concerned with these except?

a. Classrooms
b. Grade Levels
c. Forms
d. Classes

3. One of the following is not an area of psychology covered by educational psychology?

a. Psychometrics
b. Abnormal Psychology
c. Intellectual Psychology
d. Experimental Psychology

4. Which of the following is the basic communication model in teaching?

a. S-M-D Model
b. S-M-R Model
c. S-M-T Model
d. S-M-S Model

5. The following are the basic classifications of Psychological tests except?

a. Achievement Test
b. Intellectual Test
c. Aptitude Test
d. Physiognomic Test

6.  Tyler’s curriculum planning process has?

a. 6 Steps
b. 5 Steps
c. 4 Steps
d. 3 Steps

Answers to the Free Download Questions Above

Q1. D

Q2. A

Q3. C

Q4. B

Q5. D

Q6. B

The conclusion of the matter is to get the past question and spare yourself the burden of Examination disease, having said something about the TRCN Past Questions Paper and Answers.

How to Purchase This Past Questions & Answers

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