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Samples Of  School of Nursing Past Questions



1. The ability of the human eyes to focus both distant and near objects is called?

a) Normal adjustment
b) Visual pathway
c) Reflex blinking
d) Accommodations


2. The organ that supplies nutrient to a foetus and also plays a protective role is called______

a) Umbilical cord
b) Cervix
c) Placenta
d) Uterus

3. The total number of theoracic vertebra in humans is ?

(a) 7

(b) 5


(d) 12

4. The functional and basic unit of the mammalian kidney is the

a) Cortex
b) Nephron
c) Medulla
d) Pyramid


5. The sense of balancing is a function of which part of the mammalian ear

a) Auditory meatus
b) Cochlea
c) Eardrum
d) Semicircular canals.

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