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Welcome to Pastquestionpapers.com.ng where you get your updated past question papers for any Institution in Nigeria. Now that you have applied for Bowen University Teaching Hospital School of Nursing, you need to go through an entrance examination test before you gain Admission. This is where Pastquestionpapers.com.ng come to play, as we have gone as far as compiling the Bowen University Teaching Hospital School of Nursing Screening exercise past question paper and answers to help candidates know exactly what to face in the school of nursing entrance examination and how to tackle the questions because proper preparation leads to success. Therefore, to get this updated past question papers and answers, please carefully read through this content to know how to get your own copy.

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This page helps you with reading material and a guide for study, while you prepare for the Bowen University Teaching Hospital School of Nursing Screening exercise. To help you brace yourself up, and get fully prepared for the screening exercise at Bowen University Teaching Hospital.

We have been able to compile these past questions from her previous years examinations, which amounts to so many questions. The good thing is that these questions has been complemented with the right answers to each of them. Subject areas on this past questions study pack include

  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Biology and
  • English Language.

If you must succeed in Bowen University Teaching Hospital (BUTH) School of Nursing, then Bowen University Teaching Hospital School of Nursing past questions and answers is highly recommended for you. This study pack cost a token to get. If you are interested in getting a copy, then see the details below on how much and how to pay.

Samples Of  School of Nursing Past Questions



1. The ability of the human eyes to focus both distant and near objects is called?

a) Normal adjustment
b) Visual pathway
c) Reflex blinking
d) Accommodations


2. The organ that supplies nutrient to a foetus and also plays a protective role is called______

a) Umbilical cord
b) Cervix
c) Placenta
d) Uterus

3. The total number of theoracic vertebra in humans is ?

(a) 7
(b) 5
(d) 12

4. The functional and basic unit of the mammalian kidney is the———-

a) Cortex
b) Nephron
c) Medulla
d) Pyramid


5. The sense of balancing is a function of which part of the mammalian ear

a) Auditory meatus
b) Cochlea
c) Eardrum
d) Semicircular canals

The up to date Bowen University Teaching Hospital School of Nursing past questions and answers study pack on this page is a PDF soft copy that has been made available for you. You can download it in your email or WhatsApp, depending on the platform of your choice. It consists of four subject combinations and they include:

  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Biology, and
  • English Language.


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