Osun State School of Nursing Past Questions and Answers

By | September 25, 2020

All You Need is the Osun State School of Nursing Paper Past Questions and Answers ↔ You can’t do it on your own all you need the Osun State School of Nursing Past Questions and answers to guide you towards the forthcoming general School of Nursing of Osun State Examination.

Nigerian School of Nursing and Midwifery Exam Past Question and ...

NOTE: these past questions you are about to purchase on this page is a PDF soft copy material that has been compiled from the past years entrance examination. It comprises of four subject combinations and they include:

  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Biology, and
  • English Language.

The entrance examination at the School of Nursing of Osun State could sometimes be very tough but that is not meant to scare you. It is for this reason that you need to study the School of Nursing of Osun State entrance examination past questions and answers.

Samples Of  School of Nursing Past Questions









English Language                                               24

Mathematics                                                       27

Biology                                                                31

Chemistry                                                            35

Physics                                                                39

Current Affairs                                                   43



In the following passage, the numbered gaps indicate missing words. Against each number in the list below each passage, five choices are offered in columns lettered A to E. for each question choose the word that is the most suitable to fill the numbered gap in the passage.


I made a visit to the University Teaching Hospital the other day. At the (1) department, where accident (2) are treated, the doctors were battling to save the life of a man who had just been knocked down in a road accident. They (3) the injured man thoroughly with the aid of several (4) instruments such as the (5) used in measuring body temperature and the (6) used in listening to the sound of the heart and the lungs. By using (7) several internal parts of the patient’s body were photographed. (8) and pain killing injections were given. His bleeding was stopped. The nurses (9) his wounds and he was carried on a (10) to the special care (11) where those under (12) care are kept. The doctor asked the nurse to keep the patient under close (13).


A                          B                          C                          D                          E


1.  Mortuary  Psychiatry  Pediatrics  Anatomy  Casualty 
2.  Drivers  Victims  Motorists  Convicts  Culprits 
3.  Examined  Inspected  Tested  Consulted  Healed 
4.  Biology  Laboratory  Scientific  Clinical  Pathological 
5.  Barometer  Odometer  Speedometer  Ammeter  Thermometer 
6.  Microscope  Heliotrope  Stethoscope  Horoscope  Telescope 
7.  Xerox  x-ray  Xylophone  Heat rays  Sunray 
8.  Anti-malaria  Immunization  Pathological  Anti-tetanus  Cerebral 
9.  Decorated  Plastered  Rinsed  Bathed  Dressed 
10  Stretcher  Trolley  Bed  Coffin  Lift 
11 .  House  Ward  Cell  Compartment  Room 


12 .  Critical  Fatal  Potent  Serious  Intensive 
13 .  Restriction  Diagnosis  Observation  Inspection  confinement 


From the words lettered A to E choose the word or group of words that best completes each of the following sentences.

  1. 14. The prices of cars have become __________


  1. a) Painful


  1. b) Unbearable c) Stringent d) Harsh
  2. e) Exorbitant


  1. 15. I had _________ trust in the boy before he woefully disappointed me


  1. a) Essential b) Flagrant c) Absolute d) Effective e) Fruitful


  1. 16. The poor boy was ________ when he stepped on a live wire


  1. a) Blazed


  1. b) Electrified c) Radiated d) Burnt
  2. e) Electrocuted


  1. 17. The politician ran to another country to seek _________


  1. a) Refuge


  1. b) Safeguard c) Retreat

d) Safety e) Privacy

The good thing here is that you have been saved the stress of trying to find answers to these questions and they come with answers to compliment each of these questions. To download a copy of the up to date School of Nursing of Osun State past questions PDF and answers, see details below.

Download Osun State School of Nursing Paper Past Questions

Getting a copy of the School of Nursing of Osun State past questions and answers will go a long way in improving your exam preparatory skill.

You will understand the pattern of the Exam Question, area of study focus and how to answer it.

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