St Charles Borromeo College Of Nursing Past Questions and Answers Updated

St Charles Borromeo College Of Nursing Past Questions and Answers

College of Nursing at St. Charles Borromeo Hospital Questions from the past: If you’ve arrived to this page, I’m presuming you want to download the answers to the preceding questions.

We’ve agreed to simplify the process while keeping the preceding questions as informative as feasible. We’ve put together an ebook (approximately 300 questions) comprising questions from the previous five iterations of the tests (PDF).

St Charles Borromeo College of Nursing Past Questions

You might be asking why you should get this ebook. Perhaps all I can do is help you recognize that you require it. To begin, the ebook will walk you through the technicalities that examiners frequently employ while creating queries.

Second, the booklet will help you focus your preparation efforts because it will show you which areas require more attention and which can be overlooked.

Furthermore, because they frequently repeat questions, you will have the opportunity to practice questions that you will almost certainly encounter on the test.

Samples of St Charles Borromeo Hospital College of Nursing Past Questions

Time allowed: 1 hour

▪ Do not open your question booklets until you are told to do so.

▪ The examination consists of six sections labeled A to F. All the questions irrespective of the sections carry equal marks.

▪ Section A- English language 20 questions Section B- mathematics 20 questions Section C- Biology 20 questions

Section D- chemistry 15 questions Section E – Physics 15 questions Section F – Current affairs 10 question

▪Answer all questions appropriately, ▪ Use the answer sheet provided

▪ Use HB pencil to shade the correct answer for each question. Ensure that any shading made in error is thoroughly erased.

▪ Write your NAME, EXAMINATION NUMBER, and other needed information in the appropriate space with the same number or letter as each digit or letter.

▪ Any candidate caught cheating in the course of the examination will be duly penalized. ▪ The interview date will be made known o the public as soon as possible.

Subjects Combination

  1. English
  2. Biology
  3. Physics
  4. Chemistry

1. Identical twins inherit their genes from 

A) the same ovum and different sperms

B) the same sperm and different ova

C) different sperms and many ova

D) the same ovum and the same sperm

E) many ova and many sperms

2. The general formula of alkanones is





3. The image formed by a converging lens of focal length is of a distance of 2f from the lens. Calculate the lateral magnification produced 

A) 0.5

B) 1

C) 1.5

D) 2

E) 3

4. The offspring produced when pure strains interbreed is descried as

A) dominance

B) phenotype

C) allele

D) genotype

E) hybrid

5. The constituent common to duralumin and alnico is

A) Co

B) Mn

C) Al

D) Mg

6. If the first position of resonance in a resonance tube is 18.0cm from the open end, the distance from the open end to the next position of resonance will be

A) 24.0cm

B) 27.0cm

C) 36.0cm

D) 45.0cm

E) 54.0cm

7. Which of the following diseases or disorders can be prevented by the application of the knowledge of heredity through marriage counseling ?

A) Sickle cell anaemia

B) Haemophilia

C) Diabetes mellitus

D) Colour blindness

E) River blindness

8. The shape of the S-orbital is

A) elliptical

B) spiral

C) circular

D) spherical

9. Calculate the peak voltage of a mains supply of value 220V.

A) 121 V

B) 156 V

C) 225 V

D) 240 V

E) 311 V

10. Which of the following is a function of the chromosome?

A) Transmission of hereditary traits

B) Protein synthesis

C) Excretion

D) Energy production

E) Manufacture of enzyme

11. The functional groups present in the compound above are

A) Alkene and halo-group

B) Hydroxyl and chloro-group

C) Alkene and chloro-group

D) Hydroxyl and halo-group

Each student should know that proper preparation prevents poor performance, what makes you different from other students is extra knowledge.

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