Kwara State College of Health Technology Past Questions and Answers

By | November 8, 2020

The Kwara State College of Health Technology past question pdf contains questions that were asked in the previous year’s Kwara State College entrance exam into the Kwara State College of Health Technology. Candidates who used past questions are likely to perform better than those who don’t.

We have the complete Kwara State College of Health Technology past question pdf for you. All you need is to pay a token and download it into your phone or computer. You can even print them out and have them as a handout.

Samples Of  College of Nursing Past Questions









English Language                                               24

Mathematics                                                       27

Biology                                                                31

Chemistry                                                            35

Physics                                                                39

Current Affairs                                                   43


English Language                                               46

Mathematics                                                       50

Biology                                                                54

Chemistry                                                            58

Physics                                                                61

Current Affairs                                                   64


English Language                                               67

Mathematics                                                       72

Biology                                                                77

Chemistry                                                            81

Physics                                                                84

Current Affairs                                                   88


English Language                                               91

Mathematics                                                       96

Biology                                                                100

Chemistry                                                            104

Physics                                                                107

Current Affairs                                                   110


English Language                                               113

Mathematics                                                       116

Biology                                                                120

Chemistry                                                            124

Physics                                                                127

Current Affairs                                                   13


English Language                                               134

Mathematics                                                       138

Biology                                                                142

Chemistry                                                            146

Physics                                                                149

Current Affairs                                                   152

ANSWERS                                                       154




Time allowed: 1 hour

▪ Do not open your question booklets until you are told to do so.

▪ The examination consists of six sections labeled A to F. All the questions irrespective of the sections carry equal mark.

▪ Section A- English language 20 questions Section B- mathematics 20 questions Section C- Biology 20 questions

Section D- chemistry 15 questions Section E – Physics 15 questions Section F – Current affairs 10 question

▪ Answer all questions appropriately ▪ Use the answer sheet provided

▪ Use HB pencil to shade the correct answer for each question. Ensure that any shading made in error is thoroughly erased.

▪ Write your NAME, EXAMINATION NUMBER and other needed information in the appropriate space with the same number or letter as each digit or letter.

▪ Any candidate caught cheating in the course of the examination will be duly penalized. ▪ The interview date will be made known o the public as soon as possible.

Advantages Of Kwara State College of Health Technology Past Questions

The main reason of Kwara State College of Health Technology Past Questions and Answers is to help you get an insight of how the previous questions look like and what it contains, and the most important information you need to know about the Kwara State College of Health Technology  Past Questions is that most of that the Kwara State College of Health Technology Past Questions often at times come out repeated in every Examination years, So here you have 80% chance to pass your Exams when you get this past questions from Us.

The good thing here is that you have been saved the stress of trying to find answers to these questions and they come with answers to compliment each of these questions. To download a copy of the up to date Kwara State College of Health Technology past questions PDF and answers

How to Purchase This Past Questions & Answers

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