Plateau State College of Health Technology Past Question Paper and Answers

Plateau State College of Health Technology Past Question Paper and Answers | CHTZawan Exams Past Questions and Answers

Download the latest College of Health Technology, Zawan past question, and get yourself academically ready for the forthcoming Plateau State College of Health Technology examination. In addition, we are happy to let all candidates note that we have the up-to-date CHTZawan Exams Past Questions, and Answers.

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We have the updated CHTZawan Past Questions and Answers which is compiled in PDF format and can only be downloadable on request only. Hence, few samples are on this website. This question was carefully collated and documented to enable CHTZawan candidates to have an idea of how the institution set their entrance examination.

Are you preparing for the forthcoming  College of Health Technology Zawan entrance examination? If so, you need to get yourself the past questions and answers in order to have a nice score after the exercise.

As we always talk of the importance of getting Past Questions and answers, these preparatory materials will make you different from other students. As a matter of fact, some student depends on their limited knowledge, forgetting to go the extra mile to enable them to overcome any question they might come across in the exam hall.

Most importantly, these past questions you are about to purchase on this web page are PDF soft copy preparatory material that has been compiled from the past year’s CHTZawan entrance examination. It consists of all the subjects needed for the examination.



  1. In bird, the’ following feathers possess after shaft.

a) Quill and filoplumes, b) Down and filoplumes c). Covert and down d). Quill and covert

2. The nutritive layer of the eye in mammals ……………… a. refracting media

b. conjunctiva c. corner. d. Sciara

3. Ultra fit ratio in the Kidney takes place in the……………. a.  Bowman’s Capsule

b. Pelvis c. Loop of Henle d. Proximal Convulatrfd Tubule

   4. Which of the following bones is not a component of the fore limb?

a. Olearanon b.  Ulna   c. Tilia d. Humerus

 5. The condition in which the anthers mature before the stigma is …………

a. protandry b. Epigyny     c. Hypogyny     d. protogyny

 6. In most true ferns, sporangia are grouped …….  a. indusium    b. fronds

c. son d. Prothalls

7. The ratio of carriers to sucklers in the F2 generation derived from a parental cross at two carriers of heamoglobins S gene is ………..

a. 3:1      b. 1:3      c. 2:1     d. l:2

8. In which part of a leguminous plant can bacteria like Azotobacteria be found?

a. Spongy mesophyll b. Root nodes c. stern internodes d. Stem nodes

 9. In a dicotyledonous stem, companion cells are round closed to ……………..

a. Endodermal cells b. Silver tubes c. Xylem vessels d. Pericylic fibres

10. The position occupied by an organism in a food chain is referred to as…………..

a. Trophic level b. Niche        c. Level        d. feed level


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