Mercy Corps Past Questions paper and Answers

The Mercy Corps Past Questions paper and Answers have been uploaded on this portal for the benefit of aspirants who applied and were recruited on the 2023 Mercy Corps Recruitment Exercise.

Mercy Corps Past Questions and Answers - Download Updated Copies

The Mercy Corps Past Questions paper and Answers we have are up to dates and it consists of some subjects which are:

Current Affairs

General Knowledge

English Language – Verbal Reasoning

Mathematics – Problem-Solving

below are the samples of the Mercy Corps Past Questions paper and Answers

Sample Questions

1. Most African Countries owe their creation to ……….?
a. African Union (AU).
b. Commonwealth of Nations.
c. Ethnic and Tribal Leaders.
d. European Colonies.
e. United Nations (UN).

2. Who was the first executive president of nigeria?
a. Abubakar Tafawa Balewa.
b. Goodluck Jonathan.
c. Nnamdi Azikiwe.
d. Olusegun Obasanjo.
e. Shehu Shagari.

3. The symbol for the Campaign against Aids is a ……………. Ribbon?
a. Blue.
b. Black.
c. Red.
d. Yellow.
e. White.

4. In 2013, Nigeria Celebrated her ………………. Independence Anniversary?
a. 50th
b. 51st
c. 52nd
d. 53rd
e. 54th

5. How many members constitute the lower legislative chamber in Nigeria?
a. 300.
b. 302.
c. 312.
d. 342.
e. 360.

Mercy corps Recruitment Aptitude Test Problem- solving Section
There are 30 questions in this section, Answer as many as you can in 30minutes ______________________________________________________
1Given T = { even numbers from 1 to 12 } N = {common factors of 6, 8 and 12} Find T ∩ N {2, 3} {2, 3, 4} {3, 4, 6} {2}
2 What is the next number in the series 2, 1, , …
3 If U = {x : x is an integer and 1 ≤ x ≤ }
E 1= {x: x is a multiple of 3} E 2
{x: x is a multiple of 4} and an integer is picked at random from U, nd the probability that it is not in E
A.B.C.D.4 The curved surface area of a cylinder 5cm high
is 110cm 2
. Find the radius of its base π =
2.6cm 3.5cm 3.6cm 7.0cm
5 If two graphs Y = px 2 + q and y = 2x 2
− 1 intersect
at x =2, nd the value of p in terms of q
q − 7 − 8 − 7 +
6 Evaluate ( 45 + 3 ) in surd form
A.B. √3 −
√2 1 +

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