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IBEDC Recruitment Past Questions and Answers | Download Ibadan Electricity Distribution Company Recruitment Past Questions and Answers

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IBEDC Past Questions and Answers Samples

1. Which of the following is not a necessary requirement to operate two Transformers in parallel:

A. Same identical Tap ratings

B. Same X/R rating

C. Same kVA rating

D. Same Polarity

2. Electrical Transformer can able to Transform both AC and DC Voltages in a Circuit:

A. False

B. True

3. Transformer Oil acts as Coolant but not as Insulating Medium

A. True

B. False

4. Conductors for high voltage transmission lines are suspended from towers

(A) to reduce clearance from ground

(B) to increase clearance from ground

(C) to reduce wind and snow loads

(D) to take care of extension in length during summer.

5. The agency responsible for monitoring and regulating the Nigerian electricity industry, issuing licences to market participants, and ensuring compliance with market rules and operating guidelines is

(A) Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission

(B) Nigerian Electricity Distribution Commission

(C) National Electricity Regulatory Commission

(D) National Electricity Distribution Commission

6. The electricity distributed through power cables mainly looses energy…?

A. Because of leakage of the current.

B. As heat because of the resistance of the cables

C. As sound because of the crackling noise of overhead cables

7. In what year was the Kanji Dam commissioned?

A. 1972

B. 1960

C. 1963

D. 1970

8. The first chairman of the PDP is

A. Chief Audu Ogbeh

B. Chief Solomon Lar

C. Chief Bamanga Tukur

D. Chief Vincent Ogbulafor

9. The two bodies merged to form NEPA in 1972 were

A. ECN and NDA

B. EDC and ADC

C. PHC and NDC

D. LDC and ECN

10. How many distribution companies do we have in Nigeria?

A. 12

B. 6

C. 8

D. 11.

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