NKST School of Nursing Mkar Past Questions paper and Answers

NKST School of Nursing Mkar Past Questions paper and Answers | How to obtain the NKST School of Nursing Mkar Past Questions paper and Answers.

Welcome to Pastquestionpapers.com.ng where you get your updated past question papers for any Institution in Nigeria. Now that you have applied for NKST School of Nursing Mkar, you need to go through an entrance examination test before you gain Admission. This is where Pastquestionpapers.com.ng comes to play, as we have gone as far as compiling the NKST School of Nursing Mkar Past Questions paper and answers to help candidates know exactly what to face in the school of nursing entrance examination and how to tackle the questions because proper preparation leads to success. Therefore, to get these updated past question papers and answers, please carefully read through this content to know how to get your own copy.

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1. In a bird, the’ following feathers possess after shaft

a. Quill and filoplumes
b. Down and filoplumes

c. Covert and down

d. Quill and covert

2. The nutritive layer of the eye in mammals is……………

a. refracting media
b. conjunctiva


d. Sciara

3. Ultra fit ratio in the Kidney takes place in the

a. Bowman’s Capsule
b. Pelvis

c. Loop of Henle

d. Proximal Convulatrfd Tubule

4. Which of the following bones is not a component of the fore limb?
a. Olearanon

b. Ulna

c. Tilia

d. Humerus


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