Kwara State College of Nursing Past Questions Paper and Answers

Kwara State College of Nursing Past Questions Paper and Answers | Download The Latest KWCON Oke-Ode Past Questions and Answers

College of Nursing Entrance Examination past question paper for all Kwara State candidates who are in line to write the Institution examination can be obtained here. As wise men say, Proper Preparation leads to success. Therefore, follow the guidelines below to get yours as soon as possible.

Kwara College of Nursing Ilorin Admission Form For 2020/2021 ...

As we always emphasize the importance of the Kwara State College of Nursing Past Questions and also the answers, this is what makes you different from other students, there are some students who always depend on their limited knowledge forgetting to apply extra one to enable them to overcome any question the might come across, and when they go to sit for an exam and faced what they do not expect, what happens, they might fail because they are not fully prepared for the entrance examination.

NOTE: these past questions you are about to purchase on this page are PDF soft copy material that has been compiled from the past year’s Kwara State College of Nursing entrance examination. It consists of four subject combinations and they include:

  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Biology, and
  • English Language.

Samples Of Kwara State College of Nursing Past Questions Paper and Answers




1. The nucleus is considered the control organelle of a cell because it…………….

A. Contains the genetic material

B. Contains the nuclear sap

C. is bounded by the nuclear membrane

D. is located at the centre of the cell.

2. Regulation of blood sugar levels takes place in the

A. pancreas

B. Ileum
C. Liver

D. Kidney

3. The heart of the adult frog consists of

A. two auricles and two ventricles

B. one auricle and one ventricle

C. two ventricle and two auricles

D. one ventricle and two auricles

4. A group of organisms of different species living in a particular area is described as a 

A. colony

B. community

C. population

D. niche

5. A freshwater plant such as a water lily can solve the problem of buoyancy by the possession of

A. arenchymarous tissue

B. dissected leaves

C. thin cell walls of the epidermis

D. water repelling epidermis


 KWCON Examination Past Questions 


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